The Rendlesham Forest “UFO” Affair – How the Story Came Tumbling Out of Secrecy

Most people know of the famous “UFO landing” in Rendlesham Forest, England in the final days of December 1980. It’s kind of like the Roswell affair and the Betty and Barney Hill case. In other words: it’s mega-sized and never goes away. However, while a lot of people know of the case, I’ve come to see that many others don’t know how the story came to be revealed and put into the public domain. It is, indeed, a most fascinating story. In the final days of December 1980 multiple, strange encounters and wild incidents occurred in the depths of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England. And across a period of three nights, no less. Based upon their personal encounters, many of those who were present believed that something almost unbelievable came down in the near-pitch-black woods on the night of December 26. Lives were altered forever – and for the most part not for the better, I need to stress. Many of those who were present on those fantastic nights found their minds dazzled, tossed and turned – and incredibly quickly, too. Those incidents involved American military personnel who, at the time it all happened, were stationed in the United Kingdom. Their primary role was to provide significant support in the event that the Soviet Union (as it was then) decided to flex its muscles just a little bit too much – or, worse still, planned on hitting the proverbial red button and ending civilization in hours. Maybe, even in minutes. 

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