The Real Reasons Why Most Ufologists Are Watched By Government: Not What You Think

It’s a fact that over the decades more than a few people in Ufology have been watched by governments all around the world. And, there are more than a few of those ufologists who conclude officialdom is watching them because they’re getting too close to “the truth.” Maybe, on some occasions, that’s true. Most of the time, though, it’s all down to politics. As you’ll see now. We’ll begin with the most famous – and controversial – Contactee, George Adamski. As evidence of this, close to 400-pages of FBI documentation on Adamski have now been declassified. An FBI document of May 28, 1952 reveals that Bureau agents had a credible source who, back in 1950 – no less than three years before Flying Saucers Have Landed was published – had shared with them certain disturbing data on Adamski. The FBI took – and to this day continues to take – careful steps to ensure that its source’s name would not be compromised. What we do know, is that the FBI’s informant claimed to have seen Adamski in the presence of a group of Russians in downtown Los Angeles, California, on several occasions in 1950. Discussing politics, no less. Unfortunately, the available, censored papers don’t specify where exactly in L.A. the meetings occurred, or under what particular circumstances. Nor do we know who was responsible for the source of the story. Also, we have to wonder how the source was so absolutely certain that the group were Russians. Was he or she conversant in Russian? Did the source recognize the accent? Were they themselves Russian, too? If so, what were they doing in Los Angeles?

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