The Planet Mars: Why It’s Far From Being a Dead World

Today’s article is on a controversial subject, one that focuses on the possibility there is life on the planet Mars. That’s right: Martians. And, possibly the remains of ancient buildings. Even what’s left of long dead cities on Mars. Let’s have a look at the available data that suggests Mars is far from being dead. May 22, 1984 was one of the most significant of all days in the incredible quest to seek out the truth of intelligent, alien life on Mars. So, why weren’t we, the public, told all about it? How come the story wasn’t splashed across the front pages of the world’s newspapers? Why weren’t major TV news networks on top of it? The answer to all of those questions is both controversial and amazing: the entire affair was deliberately shrouded in blankets upon blankets of secrecy. And who was responsible for ensuring that the secrecy remained intact?

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