The Paranormal, the Occult and the Supernatural: Sometimes They Combine With Government Agencies

While many people – billions, in fact – hold deeply cherished beliefs when it comes to the issues of life after death and an all-powerful god or gods, there is no doubt at all that religion can be used as a tool of control – and it very often does via two particular issues: fear and guilt. The fear angle revolves around what you may personally think will happen to you if you don’t go to church, or if you do not recognize the existence of an all-powerful creator. The guilt is prompted by doing those that you own religious book of choice tells you that you shouldn’t do. There are other ways in which religion has been used as a tool of manipulation; albeit in very novel, strange, disturbing and even dangerous fashion. We’ll begin with a classified program that was born out of the heart of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. The program was known as Operation Often and was created in the 1960s. It still exists to this day, albeit under a still-classified, new name. The idea was to try and use certain aspects of religion to disrupt or even destroy the enemy. In the sixties, that enemy would have been the Russians. Today, it still would be – and with North Korea thrown into the mix too, no doubt. The process was, to say the least, alarming. Operation Often plans involved trying to utilize the supernatural powers of demons (yes, real demons) to attack the enemy. Sounds unbelievable? It almost is.

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