The Oldest Sentence in the Oldest Language is Found on a Comb and It Deals With Head Lice

An infestation of head lice seems like a rite of passage in many cultures and countries – and it is an affliction that dates back to as long as humans have had hair. As anyone who has had them – or has a child who has had them – finds out, everyone you know has a treatment for head lice. However, most of them don’t work as well as the good old-fashioned louse comb or nit picker wielded fastidiously by a good old-fashioned nitpicker – who is usually your patient and persistent mom. What does this have to do with the discovery of the world’s oldest sentence written in the world’s oldest language? It turns out that sentence is written on an ivory comb used for – you guessed it – delousing hair. Will people thousands of years from now find similar sentences on nit combs from 2022?

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