The Mysterious Haunted Island of Antarctica

Lying out in the eternal cold of the faraway frozen land of Antarctica is a place called Ross Island. Discovered it in 1840 by the British Royal Navy officer and polar explorer Sir James Clark Ross, Ross Island is the southernmost Antarctic island reachable by sea, and is a perpetually ice-encrusted frigid wasteland dominated by the imposing Mount Erebus, the planet’s southernmost active volcano. Despite its status as an uninhabitable, forbidding realm of relentless cold that seems to actively shun life, Ross Island was the base for many of the early expeditions to Antarctica, and it is the location of several facilities including New Zealand’s Scott Base, and the largest Antarctic settlement, the U.S. Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station, as well as the World Park Base, established by Greenpeace. Yet just as life seems to cling to this unforgiving windswept alien world of ice, wind, and lifeless plains and mountains, there also seem to cling ghosts in some form or another, the elements and harshness of the terrain seeming to do little to deter them. Out here paranormal forces have long been said to exist far beyond civilization, mulling about and lurking in a possibly eternal loop that not many people will ever even be aware of far from the trappings of modern life in one of the most remote and hostile places on earth.

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