The Mysterious Exorcism of Marie Elisabeth de Ranfaing

Born on 30 October 1592 to lesser nobles in Remiremont, Lorraine, Fance, Marie Elisabeth de Ranfaing had a rather rough life at first. When she was very young she was forced into marrying a much older nobleman she didn’t love by the name of Francois Dubois by her parents. It had been a marriage of convenience and reputation as was often done in noble families, but although Marie stayed with Dubois long enough to have three, and by some accounts six, children with him, she led a miserable life, with Dubois described as an abusive, alcoholic taskmaster. After many years of this, in 1617 she fled to a monastery in the Duchy of Lorraine, France, to escape her situation and become a servant of God, leaving her husband and children behind. She would then go on to be in good hands, but there were dark clouds looming, and Marie was about to become the center of one of the weirder historical accounts of demonic possession. 

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