The Men and Women in Black: A Catalog of Creepy Characters

Most people, surely, have heard of the Men in Black – even if it’s only because of the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones movies. I’m often asked how strange are the real Men in Black. There’s no doubt: they are extremely strange. As you’ll see now. Not one of them are what you could call normal. In September 2014, a very weird report came my way. Like most such MIB reports involving the black-suited things which have caught my attention, it was a bizarre one, and one which had significantly traumatized the witness. Only hours after briefly seeing a cigar-shaped UFO hovering near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England on December 25, 1985, Sandra Green – who was driving home, in the early hours, after a late night Christmas Eve party in the English city of Bath – had a bizarre dream. In it, three Men in Black warned Sandra to keep her nose out of UFOs. They were – as they usually are – cadaverous “slightly dead”-looking MIB. As for the warning, it was one of those “or else”-type threats that the MIB are so skilled at making. The dream was so graphic it led Sandra to believe that the MIB had the ability to literally get inside her dreams, manipulate those very same dreams, and issue a bone-chilling warning – one which she has still not forgotten. Sandra shared the story with me on the evening of September 9, 2014 – the facts of the affair still firmly fixed in her mind and her memory after close to thirty years. And, I have to say, it wasn’t just the facts that were fixed in Sandra’s mind: it was cold fear, too. Even across a transatlantic telephone call I could sense that all was not well. I messaged Sandra a few days later, in an effort to clarify a couple of things she mentioned to me. She did not reply. She still hasn’t. A sign of something? I hoped not. 

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