The Man Who Really Did Know the Truth of Roswell: But What Was the Truth?

Over the last couple of days I’ve written on two intriguing characters: one was the Indiana Jones-type, Tom Slick. And, the other one was Albert Bender, the guy who began the Men in Black mystery in the early 1950s. So, I thought I would turn this into a trilogy and finalize it with a man named Sheridan Cavitt. You may not know about him, but, if you’re into the UFO phenomenon, you really should. Let’s see what we know about the man (who is now deceased). He proved to be one of the trickiest players in the entire Roswell story. He revealed very little of substance. On occasion, he even denied having ever been at Roswell or at the crash site. Cavitt may even have withheld what he knew of the incident when, in 1994, the Air Force came knocking on his front-door, wanting answers. But, let’s go back a bit. The story of Roswell was quickly picked up not just across the United States, but across the planet, too. In barely no time at all, however, the flying disc angle was blown out of the sky: the whole thing was nothing but a huge, embarrassing mistake. The materials found on the massive ranch – by rancher William Ware “Mack” Brazel – were not the remains of a disc, after all. What had really been found, and subsequently collected and brought to the Roswell Army Air Field, was weather-balloon debris. Or, so the military was careful to try and assure everyone. The truth was much more. And much more disturbing.

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