The Bizarre Case of the Kit’s Swamp Bigfoot

In August of 1875, the residents around the area of a place called Kits Swamp, in North Carolina, began complaining of a “strange looking animal” raiding yards, gardens and fields to devour local poultry, garden vegetables and green corn. Although it was described as very large, it was mostly witnesses on the outskirts of the forest between sundown and dark, and so no one had gotten a really good look at what it actually was. One of these was a local man by the name of Asa Grundy, who lived by the edge of a cornfield and had had much of his own crop stolen by the mysterious intruder. He too had not gotten a good look at it, and mostly just thought it was a thief or someone trying to prank him, but on August 19 this was about to change. And so would begin one of the earliest reports there is of a Bigfoot-like creature in the days before it was the phenomenon it is today. 

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