Strange Tales of Encounters With Trolls, Faeries, Dwarves, and Other Fantastical Little People

Some of the weirder mysterious encounters with strange entities revolve around those that involve various faeries, gnomes, dwarves, trolls, and other little people normally confined to the world of fairy tales. As absurd as it may seem, there is a long tradition going back centuries of many alleged sightings and encounters with such entities, many of which truly skirt the outer fringes of the bizarre. Traditions of various species of little people populate the myths and legends of many farflung cultures artound the world, and at times they seem to push through the veil between fantasy and reality. Here we will look at a selection of some very odd such cases, in which people have been confronted with strange little people like something from out of a bedtime story, and which blur the line between reality and fantasy. 

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