Police officers flee premises after paranormal activities.

By Katie Cookson 24th January 2023

A small police department in South Africa has had to flee its premises after paranormal activities harassed them so much it became unbearable.

Within the village of Relela, South Africa community, the small local police department has been experiencing strange activities for some time. While in the day, nothing was ever reported. And the building was like any other small town place, quiet and unsuspecting. The incidences occurred only during windy or rainy nighttime shifts. With reports of unexplainable wind coming through the building, lights flickering on and off and howling animal noises outside the windows. Before the escalated paranormal activities, most reports happened near the toilets in the back of the building.

Ghosts haunt and terify Relela Satellite Police Station offficers. Picture: Alex Japho Matlala

Paranormal Activity Inside The Relala Police Department

However, over the weekend, the paranormal activities escalated so much that the cops hastily vacated the building. Speaking in a trembling voice to a local media output, one of the police officers (who asked to remain anonymous) stated,

“Ghosts invaded our cop shop.” He added, “They usually start unleashing their reign of terror behind the station and in the toilets.” With his voice trembling, he continued to explain that they could hear “loud footsteps” noise similar to that of an elephant. Finally, the officers confirmed that they checked the outside area and concluded there was no explainable source of the footsteps.

The ghosts were said to have become aggressive during this particular evening of terror, which is why the police officers fled.


Relela has been the centre of many incidences over the years. In 2014 over 1500 people were part of protests that started after a child was murdered, and two more were still alive in the back of a local businessman’s car near the village. In 2018 three people were arrested, along with a local musician, after an 88-year-old woman was shot dead at her home in Relela. These are just two of many similar incidents in the village and surrounding area over decades, including riots, robberies, assaults, and murders. Despite these incidences, the village has been building a more peaceful surrounding. In 2019 the local school helped build a library for children and adults. The objective was to give people something to do and take the youngsters off the streets. Furthermore, in 2022 the community centre was finally built, bringing activities to the people of the village and surrounding area.

With so much violence in the area, the local police force is trained and experienced in violent clashes. While the area’s crime levels have lowered over the last ten years, the officers are still highly trained and vigilant. So, whatever the ghostly activities were, the effect on the highly trained police officers was so extreme that they left their position unmanned.

The police building is built near a grove of mango trees in Relela village near the bus stop. Locals reported that the place had been built around several graves of locals whose families have now moved across town. It has been common knowledge in the area that ghosts have been haunting the police station in recent months. However, the locals who spoke to the nearby media outlet (non of whom wanted to be named) could not explain why the ghostly activities should start or why the ghosts had been unsettled at this moment in time.

With all the incidences over the years, some of which have been blamed on the police, perhaps the spirits have had enough of waiting for justice to be served, and they felt that the police need a quick wake-up call to do their job. But it is still being determined why the incidents suddenly started; there have never been previous reports of ghostly activities. However, it is undoubtedly a place where paranormal activities could happen, with so many murders and traumatic events happening.

There has been no comment from the local police department, and it is unknown if the police have returned to their post at the building. So Relela can now add to its record of sinister goings-on to events in the area’s paranormal world.

It will be interesting to see if there are any further reports in the police station of more paranormal activities being recorded and if this is the start of things to come.

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