Paranormal Illness: Are We Being Drained of Our Lifeforces?

It’s a fact that when our bodies become depleted of vital energies and essential vitamins and minerals we fall sick – it’s all but inevitable, too. One only has to look at two medical conditions that serve perfectly to make that very point. They are anorexia and anemia. The symptoms and side-effects of anorexia – the desire to stay thin, at all costs, even ones’ health – are many. They are potentially life-threatening, too. They include liver problems, low blood pressure, exhaustion, fainting, seizures, and, of course, weight loss. As for anemia – which is caused by a lowering of red cells in the blood – the symptoms are equally serious: hemorrhaging, ulcers, severe weakness, cramping in the legs, and shortness of breath. And, both anorexia and anemia have one, grim thing in common: if left untreated, over time they can lead to death. Of course, anyone – at any time – can fall sick. And, just because someone is involved in the world of the paranormal doesn’t mean that every illness is somehow connected. It would be absurd to even suggest such a thing. We are all human and, unfortunately, we all get ill – sometimes with minor issues and on other occasions to an extremely serious degree. Particularly intriguing, though, are those cases in which the condition has come on in the immediate aftermath of a paranormal encounter. As in hours – or, at the very most, just a few days.

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