Out-of-Place Mysterious Animals in the U.K.: But, It Makes the Place More Exciting!

Having written an article a couple of days ago on the subject of the mysterious “Man-Monkey” of the Shropshire Union Canal, England, I thought today I would share with you more than a few stories of “unknown animals” in the very same areas, and which were close to where I used to live when I was a kid. One of the things that excited me was to go looking for wallabies. That’s right: as bizarre as it might sound, for decades wallabies have been seen in the U.K. (having escaped from zoos and private enclosures), hiding in the forests and woods, and only around fifteen to twenty miles from where I lived. People often see them, photograph and film them. On top of that, I have several unverified reports of people seeing wallabies at Loch Ness. As strange as that might seem to many people, there is actually quite a plausible explanation for this. Indeed, wallabies are known to have escaped from England-based private enclosures over the years (and decades) and which live very nicely in the wilds of the countryside. Such accounts surfaced quite often where I lived in Staffordshire, England As for Scotland, well…definitely none fully confirmed for sure at Loch Ness, but there is this from The Scotsman: “There are, in fact, other places where the marsupials can be found, including right here in Scotland. Inchconnachan, an island in Loch Lomond, is host to the red-necked species of wallaby and was brought there by Lady Arran Colquhoun in the 1940s. Their presence on the island has been the source of some debate. There are those who claim that wallabies on the island threaten the capercaillie – also known as wood grouse – population, while others are skeptical of this given that the two species have co-habited on the island for over 60 years now.”

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