Nuclear War in Ancient Times: Mars, Earth and Massive Destruction

Now and again intriguing and thought provoking accounts of ancient nuclear war surface – and, sometimes, not just from our own world. And, as someone who has a big interest in this issue, I thought I would share with you my thoughts on this particularly controversial matter. On the matter of theoretical ancient nuclear war on Mars in an era long ago, one of the most important statements of all comes from Vince DiPietro – who, with Gregory Molenaar, pretty much began the Face on Mars-based research all on their own, back in the 1970s. His words were driven by Dr. John Brandenburg, a man who we will come to imminently. DiPietro said, in a 1998 paper titled “Mars: The Planet of Mysteries,” that: “The element Xenon 129, the second generation of a radioactive component produced when nuclear fission occurs, is found in abundance in the Martian atmosphere. Nuclear fission, such as that from a reactor or bomb, produces Iodine 129 with a half life of 17 million years, releasing beta particles and Xenon 129. The latter element is stable and lasts forever. Has nuclear fission taken place on Mars?” It’s an incredibly important question that needs answering, as it gets to the heart of the possibility that the Martians may have all but destroyed themselves while we were still living in caves and racing around and looking for the occasional wooly mammoth to dine upon.

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