Nostradamus Has Bad News for King Charles III

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has moved to her royal palace in the afterlife, we can finally look forward to no more predictions of her death. For years the psychics were wrong – it has only been in the last few, as the queen entered her 90s, lost her husband Prince Philip, suffered some health setbacks and showed signs of slowing down that the prognosticators could feel confident that predicting a 2022 demise would be an accurate one … with some psychics bragging about their fairly recent (lucky?) forecasts that picked the exact date. One who has had a lot to say about British royalty for centuries is Michel de Nostredame – Nostradamus – whose 1555 book “Les Prophéties” of 942 poetic quatrains contains more than 6,000 collected prophecies that somehow are able to be translated and interpreted into predictions of thousands of events since then – usually after the fact. Needless to say, Nostradamus had a few predictions himself concerning Queen Elizabeth II and Great Britain during her reign. A new interpretation that has been quickly updated after her death confirms many of them and, as expected, now has a few about the new King Charles III. If he’s a believer, the new king may want to pay attention to what the old psychic has to say about his upcoming time on the throne.

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