“Non-Human” Creature Mutilates Horse in Ohio – Bigfoot, Dogman, Alien or Something Else?

A farmer in Ohio went out to his barn to check on his animals and found one of his horses missing. A quick check of his security camera footage showed nothing unusual. When he inspected his property, he found the horse dead and mutilated in a nearby creek. The local sheriff’s department was called in to investigate and their report stated that a “non-human” was responsible. A “non-human”? Why did the report not say “animal”? Ohio is a state known for many Bigfoot/Grassman sightings, along with some Dogmen, Mothman and other strange creatures. It has also had its share of unexplained cattle mutilations. What was the “non-human” that left a horse dead and mutilated in a creek in Ohio?

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