New Data Shows Some South American Mummies Were Brutally Murdered

The reasoning behind any good mummy’s curse – real or fiction – is that it protects the remains and buried belongings of the deceased by condemning anyone who disturbs them to bad luck, illness or death. That definition has held up throughout the history of major mummy discoveries – the deaths attributed to the opening of the tomb of King Tut – and all of the classic mummy movies and novels. However, that belief generally focuses on the mummies and tombs of pharaohs, royalty and other important people and their relatives. What if the mummy is the remains of an ordinary citizen? That is generally the case of the mummies found in various South American countries. A recent discovery about many of those mummies may open the mummy’s curse to a second possible cause … revenge. A new scan of mummies found in two South American countries revealed a gruesome cause of death – murder. Would you blame those mummies for cursing the living? Did anything happen to the researchers who discovered this?

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