NASA Rover Finds Gemstones in Martian Crater

Why does it seem so many super-rich people want to leave our lovely planet Earth and travel to Mars to live in a colony there? The usual dystopian answer is that they want to escape before one or more human-caused disasters makes our pale blue orb uninhabitable. The egotistical answer is because they can – or at least tghey want the rest of us to think they can. One reason that rarely if ever comes up is greed. Rich people never seem to have enough riches, so they are constantly looking for more. However, the usual space rocks the greedy future space travelers look at are those with minerals to exploit – asteroids like 16 Psyche, 1986 DA and 2016 ED85, which are loaded with iron, nickel and cobalt reserves exceeding all known on Earth. However, there may be minerals of the precious variety on Mars that are attracting the rich. A new report from NASA reveals that the Curiosity rover has discovered an unusual gemstone with unique proerties all over the Gale Crater where it landed in 2012. If you are wondering why we of the general public are only hearing about this now, perhaps it’s time to ask the rich.

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