NASA Astronaut Reveals How We’d Know If Aliens Visited Earth And It Involves A Lot Of Death – The Sun

While Stan Love is a legitimate astronaut with NASA and demands to be shown proof of extraterrestrial contact, he has no problem shooting the shit with the likes of Charlotte Edwards of The Sun about how he imagines that proof could play out in real life. Yet the scenario he describes is kind of a bummer and lacking in imagination. Oh just so you know, Stan Love is getting a lot of screen time because he’s become the face of the Artemis 1 launch. According to George Dvorsky and pals, it’s probably not gonna happen because the hydrogen leak isn’t easily accessible and nobody wants another Challenger. Manned or unmanned. Even though Elon Musk is a contentious and dislikable fellow, his SpaceX seems to be churning out good launch vehicles and putting Boeing, builder of the Artemis space launch system, to shame. (CS)

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