Mysterious Ninja Bear Attacks Cattle in Japan – a New Cryptid?

It is not often in the cryptid news reporting business that one comes across a creature that has never been seen before nor written about in folklore or mythology. Today may be one of those days – reports are coming out of northern Japan of a mysterious “Ninja bear” which has been blamed for dozens of attacks on dairy cattle. What pushes this creature out of the realm of the Ursidae family and possibly into the cryptid category are the facts that bear attacks on livestock are rare, these attacks are occurring in the middle of the night, the pawprints appear to be unusually large, and the cow carcasses are often left barely eaten – something no self-respecting bear would ever do. Has Japan acquired a new cryptid? Could one of the many shapeshifting beings of Japanese folklore gotten stuck in bear mode? Have some of Japan’s bear species mutated into cow killers? Let’s find out.

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