My Fascination with the World of Werewolves: Yes, the Real Ones

People often ask me why I have such a fascination with the world of the werewolf. Yes, the real ones. They do exist. Or, at the very least, a certain type of strange wolf lives among us and can rise up on its back limbs; something that makes it look like a werewolf. With that said, I’ll share with you now how and why I got involved in the domain of the werewolf. As a kid I grew up near to a large, dense area of forest in central England called Cannock Chase. And, I loved forests. And, I have to say that I still do. Not only was the Cannock Chase home to the normal animals, such as deer, rabbits, snakes, and squirrels, it was also the home to – wait for it – bands of dangerous and deadly werewolves. No, I’m not lying or exaggerating, at all. Sightings of nothing less than upright, hairy creatures have been seen deep in the heart of the mysterious forest for decades. Some say way longer than that. There’s something else, too: I had my own experience with a werewolf in 2002. Except that it occurred while I was deep in a state of paralysis in my bedroom – and I was half awake. That I was unable to move didn’t do me any good. In fact, it was a nightmare. As I am someone who believes that the phenomenon of sleep paralysis sleep has an external, supernatural aspect to it (rather than it being due to the mysteries of the mind), I feel it’s relevant to share the story here. In other words, it was not just a dream. It was around 4.00 a.m. and I was awake and yet not awake. And I couldn’t move. I was suddenly aware that something was slowly heading down the corridor of my duplex that linked the bedroom to the living room. 

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