More Psychic Predictions and Conspiracy Theories About King Charles III

King Charles III has not yet been sitting on the throne long enough to make a signature dent in the cushion but that hasn’t stopped the psychics and conspiracy theorists from bombarding the new king with wild, not-so-wild and somewhat believable predictions and secret stories about the man who waited longer than anyone in history to take over a job. Nostradamus has already weighed in with a prediction that Charles III will abdicate the throne soon and his replacement will be someone totally unexpected – that is, not William, the new Prince of Wales and rightful first in line. Some say Nostradumus means Prince Harry, others think it could mean Simon Dorante-Day, a 56-year-old Australian who has claimed for years that he is the secret love child of Charle and Camilla and the real next in line. If you think that story will be hard to top … get ready for the Asparagus Psychic and her predictions for King Charles and Princess Anne, another mystery royal heir appearing, and a theory that holograms are actually running the show. Really!

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