Modern Day Lake Monsters in the U.K.: They’re Not All Ancient and Scottish!

There’s very little doubt that the strangest aspect of all, when it comes to the matter of monsters of the deep, is that which surrounds what I term Modern Day Monsters. And why is it so strange? Well, I’ll tell you. There are some cases on record that seem to suggest some unidentified creatures have surfaced out of nowhere. As in quite literally, even. We are talking about animals that somehow appeared not to have existed, or been seen, prior to the turn of the 21st century. You may well ask: how could such a thing be? Well, the answer to that question is as controversial as the creatures under the microscope themselves. Sightings of Ogopogo date back several centuries. Encounters with the creature of Loch Ness and the River Ness, Scotland, were chronicled more than a millennia ago. The beasts you are about to learn about now are definitively Johnny-Come-Lately-type monsters. And, there is a very good reason for that, as will soon become apparent. We’ll begin with the marauding creature known as Bownessie.

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