Lake Champlain’s Monster ‘Champ’ May Have Been Picked Up on Sonar

When it comes to lake monsters and cryptids, the Loch Ness monster manages to suck all of the air out of the room and monopolize the fame, fortune and media attention. That seems unfair, since there are many good lake monster myths and legends around the world that deserve some recognition when there is a sighting and even just for their historical significance to the body of water where they are believed to reside and the local culture that supports their existence. One such creature is Champ – the monster of Lake Champlain that should rightfully be fought over by the bordering states of Vermont, New York and Quebec, Canada. Fortunately for Champ, it has a dedicated proponent by the name of Katy Elizabeth who conducts long annual boat searches of Lake Champlain for the elusive monster. That dedication may have paid off recently as Elizabeth reports that her sonar picked up something that appeared to be 20 feet long ad was moving like a good lake monster should. Did Katy Elizabeth finally find Champ? Can we rub it in the nose of Nessie?

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