Jaron Lanier’s Crazy Idea For Signaling/Searching For ETs – BoingBoing

Science advances one funeral at a time, as the adage goes, and Gareth Branwyn finds Jaron Lanier gunning for Frank Drake’s seat on the board of SETI. Conventional wisdom suggests extraterrestrials aren’t going to explore the cosmos because they’d prefer navelgazing on their smartphone and metaverse analogues ’til they go out with a whimper. Jaron, on the other tentacle, finds this anthropomorphic proposition rather easy to dismiss and is worthy of your consideration. As a bonus, Gareth links to a video of the late Dr. Frank Drake lending his hypothesis as to why we haven’t met aliens as of yet. Meanwhile, from the peanut gallery, Avi Loeb still lives and he’s still pursuing a Hugo Award rather than a Nobel Prize as Kai McNamee notes An Astronomer Thinks Alien Tech Could Be On The Ocean Floor. Not Everyone Agrees and Ms. McNamee gives a lot more weight on the skepticism than Loeb’s crank theory. Not enough SETI for ya, kid? Welp presents their News From The Search For Extraterrestrial Life 2 talking about ocean worlds, moon craters as radio telescopes, potential critters on Mars and Europa, and so much more! (CS)

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