Is UFO Secrecy Deepening? Here’s Why I Say Yes… – The Black Vault Originals

John Greenewald goes “deeper” on one of the most significant UFO-related documents he’s ever received. John’s analysis of the UAP Security Classification Guide informs and intrigues us but is disheartening about how much info we now can expect on “UFOs and Government.” UAP information classification is important to us here, but Insider’s Kayla Gallagher says ex-President Trump Was Nonchalant with Intelligence Reports of UFOs, but Captivated when the CIA Discovered His International Colleagues’ Extramarital Affairs: NYT. The article’s sources sketch a scary picture. More on general prospects for information sharing comes from Jack Osbourne: ‘US Government, Army and Aerospace Contractors are Covering up UFO Truth’. Reality star and son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Jack does have hopes in Congressional pressure. Outside the US, Christopher Sharp points out that a New UFO Petition Seeks To Inch San Marino Closer Towards Historic United Nations Request. The Project Titan move by which San Marino Could Become the U.N.’s New “Geneva” for UFOs, as Tim McMillan’s 2021 The Debrief article headlined, has stalled and sponsors are seeking petition signatures from The World. (WM)

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