If an Unknown Ape is Found, It Won’t Be a Bigfoot: It Will Be an Orang-Pendek Or One of its Cousins

As many of you know, I’m  certain that the Bigfoot creatures are far more paranormal than flesh and blood creatures. But, that’s definitely not the case for the various mysterious apes on Sumatra: they’re certainly just unidentified, unknown animals of flesh and blood. No paranormal aspects with the Orang-Pendek or the similar creatures on the island. With that said, let’s have a look at the elusive ape creatures of the island. From Borneo, situated east of Sumatra, home of the cryptid ape known as Orang-Pendek, come stories of an approximately four and a half foot tall ape-man referred to as the Batatut. Like so many other man-beasts, this one is covered in hair. There is, however, one intriguing difference: the Batatut sports a noticeable, thick mane of hair that runs down the back of its head, not unlike that of a horse. Somewhat ominously the creature is said to have a particular liking of human meat – and an even greater liking of human livers. A fascinating, and very credible, account that may have a direct bearing upon the story of the Batutut is that of zoologist, John MacKinnon. In 1970, while on Borneo he stumbled upon a series of unusual, small, human-like footprints. He said: “I stopped dead. My skin crept and I felt a strong desire to head home…farther ahead I saw tracks and went to examine them. I found two dozen footprints in all. I was uneasy when I found them, and I didn’t want to follow them and find out what was at the end of the trail. I knew that no animal we know about could make those tracks. Without deliberately avoiding the area I realize I never went back to that place in the following months of my studies.”

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