Ghosts Cause Cops to Abandon Police Station in South Africa for the Second Time

Fans of the song and the movie know that if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you’re gonna call the Ghostbusters. However, their services are only available in New York City, and ghostbusting companies in other cities are rare and often difficult to locate, so most people would call the local police first. What if there is something strange in your office building and you ARE the police? That was the situation recently at a police station in South Africa where officers claim the ghosts are so bad they had to evacuate the building for days. You would think the detectives on the squad would have fixed this problem the last time this happened – yep, the same police station had to be evacuated for days back in 2015. Just because the song say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about them. What’s going on at the Relela Satellite Police Station in Greater Tzaneen, South Africa?

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