Flying Monsters That Aren’t Mothman: We’re Talking About Its Rivals

That’s right: Mothman is not the only winged beast that falls into the category of Cryptozoology. As you’ll see right now. I’ll begin with a woman named Norka and her story of a winged thing she saw back in 1976. There comes a time in the life of every investigator of the paranormal when a case just gels. From the credibility of the witness to the importance of the story, everything combines together and in the best fashion possible. I have experienced such a deep sense of satisfaction and connection on a number of occasions. But, there is, perhaps, no greater example than the amazing affair of a woman named Norka, which came my way on the fourth day of my trek across Puerto Rico in 2004 – and with good friend, cryptozoologist, Jon Downes. Norka was a fascinating lady, who lived in a spacious and atmospheric house high in the El Yunque rain forest. Norka’s story was one that took our quest for the truth about the chupacabra to a whole new – and largely unanticipated – level. After we devoured our breakfasts fit for a king – in the open courtyard of the Wind Chimes Inn – our convoy of jeep, cars, and trucks once again hit the road. There were people to interview, creatures to be sought, and absolutely no time to waste. Around ninety minutes after we left bustling San Juan behind us, we arrived at Norka’s lavish home. It was dominated by a pair of huge, wrought-iron gates and a driveway that was so steep it actually required me to put the jeep in the lowest possible gear to successfully climb it. I quipped to Jon that the fortified home had probably been built to keep the chupacabra out. Who knows? After digesting what Norka said, I seriously had to wonder if my joke just may have been on target, after all.

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