Fancy Mummy Portraits and Mummies with Gold Tongues Discovered in Egypt

While it seems that all of humanity (at least all of those with cell phones) are using some face app to distort the look of their real faces, archeologists are using DNA and historical records to convert the distorted faces of mummies into their real faces. That job just got easier for archaeologists in Fayoum, Egypt, who recently found a huge funerary filled with mummies … and their portraits painted on the walls. What did these ancient Egyptians look like and why did they qualify for portraits? If any of those ‘living’ mummies have their tongues sticking out, it might help archaeologists digging in a necropolis in Qewaisna, Egypt, who found mummies with their real tongues removed and replaced by gold ones. Was this a funerary practice, a religious rite, or an odd body modification? Let’s find out.

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