Egyptian Mummy Mistake – They’re Supposed to be Statues of Gods, Not Preserved Humans

Egypt’s national football team is known as “the Pharaohs”, but ask most people outside of that country what the team’s mascot might be – or Egypt’s national nickname, for that matter – and the most common guess would no doubt be “The Mummies.” Nothing is associated more with Egypt across all categories than preserved human remains in large painted wooden coffins placed in elaborate tombs than the mummy. As a result – especially because so many of the mummies are the bodies of ancient Egyptian leaders – these mummies have been meticulously studied and often desecrated or destroyed in the process. That is why some recent news has the Egyptology world turned upside down – new research has found that archeologists and historians are wrong about the purpose of mummification in ancient Egypt – it was not to preserve bodies after death. Then, what was the purpose and how does this affect Egyptian history and Egyptology … not to mention mummy movies?

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