Creatures Carved of Stone, Horrific Heads and Monsters on the Rampage: No, Not a Movie!

Get ready for one of the most intriguing, and fear-filled, stories of the early 1970s. It sounds like one of those 1960s / 1970s Hammer Productions movie, with actors Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee at the helm. This story is not born out of entertainment fiction, though. You would, however, be easily be sucked into thinking that was exactly what it was. It all began with two, young, Hexham boys (neither of them had even reached their teens at the time). They were Colin Robson and Leslie Robson. On one day in February 1972, the two lads decided to play around and dig up a bit of the backyard, as kids tend to do. On doing so they stumbled upon something undeniably amazing. It was something wholly unanticipated. It was a pair of what looked like very ancient, carved heads of stone, both of them roughly about the size of a tennis ball. One looked female, the other had a male appearance. The boys’ excitement levels practically went through the roof. As they would for a pair of boys looking for fun. Interestingly, the female-looking stone head had a creepy crone-style appearance to it. The story became even more exciting when the boys saw that it even had a hooked, witchy nose to it. The other freaky face – archaeologists and historians suggested when they were finally able to get their hands on the heads – had the hairstyle of the Celts, who were very much long gone. 

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