Creating Crashed UFOs and Dead Aliens That Never Existed: Secret Psychological Warfare

Nineteen-sixty-nine was the year in which an undeniably elaborate UFO-themed Soviet ruse was put into place over in Russia. This strange affair was highly sophisticated and it revolved around a crashed UFO and the top secret study of an alleged dead alien creature. It was certainly shades of Roswell and the notorious 1995 “Alien Autopsy” film. The story itself is undeniably fascinating – which, I am sure, is what the Russians were surely counting on – as the “evidence” is an old piece of film-footage that reportedly chronicled the whole weird thing. While the crash of the UFO is said to have occurred in March 1969, the story – and the attendant film – did not surface until 1998, almost three decades later. That was the year in which a television production, The Secret KGB UFO Files, was broadcast in the United States and elsewhere, too. There’s no doubt that a great deal of money was put into the over-sensationalized production and it was hosted by the late Roger Moore, the star of seven of the phenomenally successful James Bond movies. The documentary covered a wide body of UFO-based data (some of it blatantly hoaxed); however, there’s no doubt that it was specifically the film of the supposed crashed UFO and its deceased crew-member which caught the attention of most of those who bothered to watch it.

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