Commercial Airline Pilots Record More UFOs Over Brazil and Colorado and a Politician Fears a UFO Collision

If you are not yet convinced that commercial airline pilots – not military pilots – are in the best position to spot and record real UFOs, these recent events may convince you otherwise. After a number of pilots for Azul Brazilian Airlines reported UFOs over the state of Santa Catarina in far southeastern Brazil, more pilots from Azul and pilots from the low-cost airline Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes are reporting additional sightings. In the U.S., a professional pilot for over 40 years  with over 28,000 hours of flight time reports seeing a fleet of UFOs making strange maneuvers over Colorado, while others report sightings over Oklahoma. Proving some in positions of power and political influence are concerned about commercial airline encounters with UFOs, US Congressman Tim Burchett reveals he is convinced a collision is inevitable and will happen soon. Is it time for a commercial pilots UFO conference? Would their airlines allow it … anticipating the fear it could perpetrate amongst the flying public? Should Congress – or the White House or the Pentagon – demand it? 

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