China is Developing Transmedium Hypersonic Craft Like the UFOs Seen by US Navy Pilots

The news that the U.S. Department of Defense acknowledged that U.S. Navy pilots and ship personnel have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena that cannot be linked to a human source continues to shock and awe Congress, the media and the general public. Perhaps no videos or accounts are quite as unbelievable as those relating to transmedium objects – UAPs that appear to fly low above the water at hypersonic speeds, then suddenly enter the water without breaking apart … a feat said to be impossible at those speeds for any known human-made aircraft. Or is it? The South China Morning Post and other Asian media sources are reporting that the Chinese military is developing – and may already be testing – a boron-powered hypersonic missile that can fly above the water and then dive underneath it and continue its mission as a high-speed torpedo. Is this the transmedium UAP that U.S. pilots are encountering? Or are they seeing a U.S. miliary version of one being tested on our own military?

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