“Brazil’s Roswell” Investigator Says Extraterrestrials May Have Been Ammonia-Based Lifeforms

When it comes to famous UFO incidents and extraterrestrial encounters, there is only one Roswell – the incident in 1947 when rumors of a crashed flying saucer with extraterrestrial beings or corpses being recovered still elicits theories and controversies today, with no consensus on whether it was a crashed weather balloon, a military test with living humans, a real ship from another solar system or something else. While the New Mexico ‘Roswell Incident’ is unresolved 75 years later, a different encounter known as “Brazil’s Roswell” is generating excitement just 26 years after it made the mainstream media news in 1996. With the release of the documentary “Moment of Contact” by director James Fox in October, interest is high and getting higher as Fox himself suggests more photos and videos may be unveiled soon revealing the alleged extraterrestrials who witnesses claim were recovered – alive or dead – in Varginha, Brazil, in January of 1996. A small piece of information in that documentary piqued the interest of a Reddit poster who presented a thought-provoking theory that these ETs were ammonia-based life forms with silicone skin. Before you scoff, the post was retweeted by none other than James Fox (@jamescfox). Ammonia and silicone?

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