Black Helicopters, 1975: One of the Most Mysterious Affairs Ever

In his book, Black Helicopters over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order, the late Jim Keith wrote the following: “The original book on the black helicopter phenomenon! What is the meaning of Black Choppers! Movement of Troops! Creation of Detention Centers! National Police Force! The Surrender of U.S. Military Authority to the U.N.! Why are foreign troops secretly moving war equipment across America? The first book to explore the truth behind the war within our borders!” And, in his other book on this subject – Black Helicopters II : The End Game Strategy – Keith said: “In Black Helicopters II: The Endgame Strategy, Keith’s investigation takes quantum forward, chilling the reader with new revelations:  What are the secret forces behind the black choppers?; Why are they terrorizing America?  What is the “Quadrant Sign Code” of the New World Order? Is the government engaged in biological warfare experiments in the United States? Are the black helicopters connected to UFOs? Cattle Mutilations? Why does the media cover-up the existence of the black helicopters?: What is the Endgame Strategy? Utilizing his far-reaching research, including high level military informants, investigator Jim Keith uncovers new information and presents startling revelations about the truth behind black helicopters!”

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