Bizarre Encounters with Shapeshifting Reptilian Humanoids

A very weird and dark corner of the world of conspiracy theories revolves around the idea that there are reptilian humanoids amongst us. Largely powered by the work of conspiracy theorist David Icke, the idea is that there are shapeshifting lizard men who can take human form and are actively trying to infiltrate and subvert human society to their own demented ends. As absurd as it sounds, many high profile celebrities and politicians have been called out by these conspiraticsts as being alien shapeshifting lizard men, but it does not stop there. Sometimes there are those reports that have come in from normal people living normal lives, who have also claimed to have come across these shape chaning denizens of the surreal. Here is where we get into some cases of shapeshifting lizard people that are every bit as bizarre as they are unsettling and even downright frightening. 

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