Ancient Mysteries: Levitation and Letters of the Weirdest Kind

It’s intriguing to note that the worlds of anti-gravity and levitation were discussed – and discussed to a significant degree – way back in the 1950s. Yet, there was actually a minimum of talk of an extraterrestrial component by that era’s ufologists being behind the construction and movement of all those massive stones. Rather, most of the talk was of ancient, terrestrial civilizations, long-gone humans, and secret (and lost) technology that had been created by the likes of the mythical Atlanteans. We’ll begin with Morris Jessup, the man who dug deep into the world of anti-gravity and who died in his car – by carbon-monoxide poisoning – in a Florida park in 1959. Jessup was a full-on believer in the UFO phenomenon; he believed the mysterious Levitators were very likely from our world. And not extraterrestrials. On March 27, 1953, Jessup wrote an illuminating letter to his good friend, Joseph Manson Valentine (a man who had a deep interest in Atlantean lore and legend), on the very theme of this book. Valentine was one of the last people to speak with Jessup. In fact, the two chatted the very night before Jessup’s death. In that eye-opening letter, Jessup said to something incredible to his friend. 

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