Ancient Hieroglyphs Recently Discovered in Ukrainian Caves are in Danger of Destruction

A favorite and frustrating expression often uttered when something beloved is destroyed is, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” There are actually many reasons why we can’t have nice things, and two on the national or global scale are war and development. Both of those are happening in the center of Kyiv, the war-torn capital of Ukraine, where nice things are being demolished by bombs as well as developers. A young man in Kyiv was recently affected by both in an unusual discovery – while his grandmother’s house was in danger of being torn down, he found a cave system filled with hieroglyphs and rock carvings from Kievan Rus’ – the 9th century state that led to the countries of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. He fears this new and significant discovery will disappear before the world can see and appreciate it. Will he be able to save the nice things in the Kyiv caves?

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