Alien Abduction in the 1960s: A Lesser-Known Fascinating Encounter

It’s a very little known fact that the British military was secretly opening files on those citizens of the U.K. who were suspected of being alien abductees. In this article we’ll focus on the intriguingly weird story of a young woman named Diane Foulkes. The year was 1966, the month was November. It was a month in which NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 2 was launched, John Lennon met Yoko Ono for the first time, and Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California. Those historic events all paled against what Diane Foulkes had to endure: a close encounter with a strange craft in the sky and a period of missing time. As the U.K.’s Freedom of Information Act has shown, the U.K. Royal Air Force’s Provost and Security Services, secretly oversaw the investigation into Diane’s trauma-dominated experiences. We would almost certainly be completely oblivious to the facts of the affair, today, were it not for one significant thing: Diane Foulkes’s family decided to contact the military – in an effort to try and understand the nature of her experiences. At the time, twenty-two-year-old Diane – a typist working at a local company – was living with her parents in the old English town of Shrewsbury, in the county of Shropshire. It’s a town which was founded way back in the 9th century and its ancient architecture would not at all look out of place on the likes of Downton Abbey – nor would its surrounding green fields and hills, little old villages, and expansive woods.

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