A Remote-Viewer Gives Us a Look at the Ancient Past of the Planet Mars

Dr. Kimberly Rackley, Msc.D., is a skilled psychic intuitive and someone who has an extraordinary story to tell that revolves around the final, tumultuous days of the Martian civilization. A noted remote-viewer – not at all unlike those hired by the CIA in the 1970s – Rackley is someone who I have consulted on a number of occasions and on a variety of subjects. In October 2019, Rackley agreed to do something for me that was not at all dissimilar to what the CIA did back in 1984. Namely, to supernaturally surf both history and a faraway world – Mars, of course – and to try and determine what, exactly, happened to Mars and the beings that once lived there. Whereas the CIA’s remote-viewing session concerning Mars revolved around a specific time-frame – one million years B.C. – Rackley’s did not. Rather, her approach was to address the lead-up to the disaster and how and why it came to be. We’ll begin with what Rackley saw of the terrain on Mars before that planet-wide disaster changed everything – and forever.

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